Is everything connected?
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Well, guys, Finn was right. His Unity Day conspiracy theories about a 13th Station proved to be true. Her name is Polaris, and she’s sitting on the Ground.

As Jaha explained last week (thereby confirming Finn’s season 1 comments), Polaris was blown up in order to get the other 12 stations to join together. He tells A.L.I.E. and Raven that it wasn’t talked about much on the Ark — and there’s an understandable reason why.

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg compares this part of the Ark’s hidden history to similarly ugly parts of America’s own history, including slavery and the genocide of Native Americans: In the same way that “we don’t talk about those things at Fourth of July parties,” he says, the Arkers didn’t bring it up on their Unity Days.

“On the Ark, they told this Unity Day story — which was a bit of a fairy tale that made everybody feel better — about [how they overcame] the petty rivalries amongst nations and created one strong Ark,” Rothenberg says. “When in fact, it was done by blowing a station out of the sky and getting the others to come into line.”

Even though Jaha kept it hush-hush as Chancellor, he is interested in finding out the truth about Polaris now that A.L.I.E. needs to find her second version. She knows that Rebecca went into space, and because Raven couldn’t find it in the 12 Ark stations’ framework, their eyes are on Polaris.

“At the end of episode 6 [“Bitter Harvest”], there’s enough to connect the idea that the second AI was in Polaris, most likely,” Rothenberg teases.

Only problem is Jaha, Raven, and A.L.I.E. have no idea where Polaris is … but Murphy does.

The 13th station (or at least part of it) is in Polis — and even gave the place its name — which opens up a lot of questions about Grounder lore. “We now know that those two worlds are somehow connected and in episode 7 [“Thirteen”], we flesh how and why out,” Rothenberg adds.

Bring on the flashbacks.

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