'Just two grown-ass men, taking pictures of themselves on a f---ing stick'

By Christian Holub
Updated March 03, 2016 at 05:36 PM EST
Credit: ABC

Morgan Freeman’s voice is so iconic it recently got added to the roster of GPS voices for Google’s Waze. Jimmy Kimmel put the voice of God to use on Wednesday night, instructing Freeman to narrate the movements of random pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard. Freeman didn’t skip a beat, launching into a monologue as soon as one bystander with a checkered shirt and a selfie stick caught his eye.

“‘Perfect Selfie’ Paul, that’s what we called him. How he loved that selfie stick. Looking for that perfect selfie,” Freeman said. “Could this be the one? Light’s just right, maybe over by this wall? No. Not perfect enough for ‘Perfect Selfie’ Paul.”

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Incredibly (or perhaps not so much for Hollywood Boulevard), Freeman’s “Perfect Selfie” Paul then ran up against another guy with a selfie stick. Freeman had just as much fun with this one, giving him his own moniker.

“Oh look who it is! Another guy with a selfie stick. ‘Selfie Stick’ Sam,” Freeman said. “Just two grown-ass men, taking pictures of themselves on a f—ing stick.”

Watch the full clip below.

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