See the 'Girls' star in scene from new horror-comedy

Most exorcism movies conclude with the film’s victim freed from demonic control. But what happens next? In the new horror-comedy, Ava’s Possessions, Louisa Krause plays a young woman trying to pick up the pieces of her life — including her dating life — in the aftermath of a possession.

“I was working on a treatment for a possession film that was more of a Men in Black, but with demons,” says writer-director Jordan Galland (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead). “It wasn’t working and I suddenly started focusing on one of the characters in that treatment. I went, Well, what’s it like for her now that she’s recovering? I made the story a lot smaller, more personal, and that’s where the idea came from.”

How did Krause approach playing a recently-possessed person? “Jordan had me watch a few films to get flavoring,” says the actress, whose credits include 2012’s King Kelly and the currently-screening Showtime series Billions. “One of the movies I watched was My Own Private Idaho. I really watched River Phoenix’s performance and how he’s got this coolness, and he’s allowing himself to experience everything, but he’s dealing with his narcolepsy. And then the possession stuff was pure fun.”

There are a number of familair faces to be found in the supporting cast of Ava’s Possessions, including Carol Kane, William Sadler, Lou Taylor Pucci, and Girls star Jemima Kirke. “I’ve known Jemima since she was 12,” says Galland. “I used to play in a band with her older sister, Domino. I made two movies before this and she was sort of angry — playfully angry —that she wasn’t in either of them. And now she’s a successful famous talent, so we all felt very lucky.”

You can see an exclusive clip, above. Ava’s Possessions opens in cinemas and on VOD March 4.