Credit: Joan Marcus

Hamilton will soon be looking for a mind at work… a female’s mind, in particular. A casting call from Backstage details that the hugely popular musical, known for its diverse casting, is looking for men and women to play two key roles, George Washington and Aaron Burr, in upcoming productions in Philadelphia.

In an recent talk at the Smithsonian this fall, star and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda said he was “totally open” to females playing the Founding Fathers, noting the only real problem would be changing the vocal keys to arrange for a female voice versus a male one. “That being said, no one’s voice is set in high school,” Miranda added. “I can’t wait to see kick-ass women Jeffersons and kickass women Hamiltons once this gets to schools.” Currently, the roles of Burr and Washington are being performed by Leslie Odom, Jr. and Christopher Jackson, who originated the characters off-Broadway.

And if you’re wondering just how epic this casting could be? Let the ladies of Hamilton show you in a gender-swapped Ham4Ham, proving they definitely didn’t throw away their shot.

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