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Steven Yeun had an interesting point to make when he recently told us about how Glenn has yet to kill another human. But he has certainly killed plenty of zombies. Sooooo many zombies. Like, an insane amount of zombies. But which one ranks as his favorite?

We asked Yeun that question recently at our EW Walking Dead cover shoot, and he went back to season 3 for his numero uno. “The chair walker is obviously a big one,” says Yeun. “That was really fun and it felt like an important turning point for Glenn.”

Ah, the chair walker. He’s referring, of course to the time when Glenn had to fight off a zombie in Woodbury unleashed by Merle while taped to a chair. It actually was pretty badass. Good pick, Steven Yeun!

But Yeun also says sometimes he prefers quantity over quality. “I particularly like it when we’re dealing with a bunch of them — just to go through the motions of stabbing and then pulling out the knife and shooting and all that action, and just seeing how far we’ve come.”

To watch Yeun discuss and see the actual kills themselves, check out the video above.

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