It wouldn’t be an interview with someone from the cast of Suicide Squad without an update on Jared Leto’s rat.

As part of his preparation to play the Joker in the forthcoming film, Leto gave his fellow castmates various gifts, including a dead pig and a rat. It was Margot Robbie who received the rodent, and speaking to Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night, the actress explained how she wound up keeping the rat as a pet.

“At first I was like this is disgusting. It jumped out at me, so I got a fright and got off to a rough start,” Robbie said. She explained that some people told her to kill the rat, but she declined and instead got the animal a “sweet little playpen, a slide, a hammock and all this stuff.” She even bought a leash to walk the rat to set.

But all things must come to an end, and Robbie is no longer the pet rat’s owner. “He found a really comfortable home with Guillermo del Toro,” Robbie said.

“The rat is living with us in Toronto and he, and his massive ballsack, provide the house with great cheer and joy! We have re-named him Venustiano,” del Toro told Collider last year about the rodent. Last month, he posted a photo of the animal on Twitter.

Suicide Squad is out in theaters this August.

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