Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

A Georgia attorney is accusing comedian Katt Williams of attacking five women in Atlanta over the weekend, PEOPLE has learned.

Attorney Loletha Hale alleges that Williams and members of his entourage “pointed a gun, physically attacked, illegally detained and stole personal items” from five women in Atlanta on Sunday, Hale says in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

Police say they responded to a report of a fight “with a weapon” just before 2:30 a.m. Sunday, detained 42-year-old Williams and spoke with one of the alleged victims, Salena Boston.

No arrests were made in the incident that occurred just one day after the embattled comedian, whose real name is Micah Williams, was arrested in Gainesville for allegedly punching a store clerk.

“[Boston] stated that her and her friends approached [Williams] and asked for a photo, to which he agreed,” according to a police report obtained by PEOPLE.

Boston told police that Williams “changed his attitude” and became angry when she and her friends began filming the encounter.

Boston also told authorities that Williams began fighting with the women and instructed his entourage to assault them.

“Salena Boston then stated that Mr. Williams punched her and the group then began fighting,” according to the police report. “She stated that he pulled a gun out and pointed it at them as well.”

However, Williams told police that the women approached him and began “harassing, filming and taking pictures of him and wouldn’t get away from him,” according to the police report.

He said the women got angry and one of them snatched the chain from his neck. Williams said he only began fighting with the women because he felt his property had been stolen.

“His security team then saw what was going on and began to approach the females,” the police report states. “At one point during the scuffle, one of the females stated she was going to her car to get something to ‘pop somebody.’ “

Williams also told police someone from his entourage produced a firearm and sat it down on a concrete post because he felt the women were going to get a gun and shoot him.

No one was arrested and no injuries were reported in the incident, police say. Now, Hale is calling for the “immediate arrest” of Williams and a thorough investigation into the incident, she said in the statement.

“This individual is clearly out of control and needs to be stopped before someone is killed,” she said. “We are also calling for the identification, investigation and discipline of the officers who failed to arrest and properly investigate this incident.”

Williams is currently awaiting trial for an alleged robbery in 2014.

Along with comedy specials, Williams starred in films including Friday After Next and First Friday.