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ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 15

Tuesday night featured a host of presidential primaries (hence its nickname “Super Tuesday”). California was not one of the states included, but as Jimmy Kimmel noted on his show, that’s not the kind of thing to stop people on the street in L.A. from claiming they did. In the latest edition of “Lie Witness News,” Kimmel’s team went out and asked pedestrians about their experiences voting Tuesday morning (which they could not possibly have done).

As usual, the Lie Witness questions started small, asking people who they voted for (a smattering of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders) and whether their polling place was busy. Then, Kimmel’s team started asking about free swag. “I got a great coffee mug that pretty much said, ‘Thanks for coming to vote today,’ ” said one responder. Another, when asked about cookies and juice, saw chocolate chip cookies. People even responded to questions about a new holographic voting system.

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“It’s interesting, but I’m always skeptical about what can go wrong when you’re introducing systems like that, but I’m just an old soul,” one person said.

One person had such a detailed response to a question about a new blinking-eyes voting system, Kimmel’s reporter told them, “You’ll make a great politician someday.”

Watch the full clip below.

ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 15
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