By Christian Holub
March 02, 2016 at 07:25 PM EST

Is there anything James Corden can’t do? He’s sung with Sia and danced with Meghan Trainor, but can he sell a house? To find out, Corden teamed up with Million Dollar Listing co-host James Harris to try selling a valuable property. And he made things weird right from the get-go. When he and Harris showed up at the property (a $20 million four-bedroom in L.A.) to get a listing, Corden jumped in the outdoor pool and complained about the lack of can openers (“If this house had a can opener and a bottle opener, we wouldn’t need to be here, it would’ve sold”), but won the seller over with an enthusiastic promise.

“If I don’t sell this property for north of $20 million, I’ll jump off the balcony,” Corden said.

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“I actually believe he’d do that,” Harris said. 

Promising he could sell the property in three hours, Corden quickly ordered food, a keg, and a juggling stripper to spice the place up. The keg started leaking and the stripper couldn’t juggle, but Corden soldiered on, presenting the house to NBA player J.J. Redick and another group of potential buyers. Corden didn’t manage to sell the property, but he didn’t manage to annoy Harris enough to swear never to let him back. 

Watch the full clip above.

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