“Dancing in the Dark” is Bruce Springsteen concert staple. Almost as reliable is The Boss recreating the music video moment when he picks Courteney Cox to dance on stage.

During Monday’s show in St. Paul, Minnesota, Springsteen picked out 91-year-old fan Jeanne Heintz to do the song-ending jig, according to the Star Tribune. The pair danced to the beat, and Springsteen even threw in a spin and a hug before Heintz returned to the crowd.

The craziest thing about the interaction? This was the second time Heintz has gone on stage for “Dancing in the Dark” at a Springsteen show, the Star Tribune reports: She was also selected during a 2009 gig in Des Moines, Iowa. She and her daughter, Jackie Heintz, have attended more than 100 Bruce concerts over the years, although Jackie missed the Monday tour stop.

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See the sweet dance, beginning around 4:45, above. Learn more about Heintz’s moment at the Star Tribune.