By Christian Holub
March 01, 2016 at 02:38 PM EST

This Tuesday is one of the most important days in the 2016 presidential election campaign so far. Known as “Super Tuesday,” it includes 13 different state primaries and is usually a good indicator of who will eventually win the main party nominations for the general election. But as Stephen Colbert pointed out, Monday may as well have been “Sphincter-Clenching Monday” for Republicans, since Donald Trump is currently on point to secure the Republican nomination via the Super Tuesday primaries. Colbert has enjoyed the Trump campaign (he recently said he wished it could go on forever), but he took the chance to attack Trump for the candidate’s recent refusal to disavow the support of white supremacists like David Duke.

“I recently gave some advice to Hillary Clinton after she couldn’t give a straight answer about whether she’d ever lied to the American people. I said that was the easiest question to answer in politics,” Colbert said. “Well, I would like to apologize. I was wrong. This is the easiest question to answer in American politics.”

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Trump later justified his answer by saying he had been given a faulty earpiece, but Colbert wasn’t having that excuse.

“Yes, he blames this one on the earpiece, though I think he should take some responsibility for the mouthpiece,” Colbert said. “Also maybe the hairpiece.”

Watch the clip below.

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