Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Adele proved the magic of Leap Day by helping a fan propose.

At the first concert of her world tour, which took place in Belfast on Monday, the 25 singer took a break between songs to ask if there were any women in the crowd who wanted to propose — it’s a Leap Day tradition for women to propose to men on Feb. 29. After a quick rendition of “Happy Birthday” sung to a woman celebrating her 21st, Adele got serious about finding a proposal.

“I’ll boot ya off the stage if you come on and it’s not a real proposal,” the singer exclaimed to the audience.

Soon, a fan got on the stage and revealed to Adele that she had proposed to her boyfriend Neil earlier, but his response was, “Maybe in a little while.” This did not sit well with Adele, who urged her to get “a proper yes.”

Adele pointed to Neil in the crowd and led the Belfast crowd in chanting “Come on, Neil” in hopes of getting Hayley a more solid answer. See the fan-shot footage above.