By Christian Holub
Updated February 29, 2016 at 09:23 PM EST
Peter Mountain

As Arthur Weasley demonstrated time and again, the wizarding world of Harry Potter did not often match up well with the real world of Muggles. Wizards were often as astounded at Muggle inventions as Muggles are at magic. A Tumblr user called Setup Wizard is now taking that idea and running with it on a blog dedicated to the “daily accounts of a Muggle IT guy working at Hogwarts.”

The posts are pretty hilarious, and range in length from a few sentences (“So, ghosts are real. This would have been a significantly more profound discovery had I not made it while on the toilet”) to a couple paragraphs. They mostly take the form of a day-to-day journal, following unnamed IT guy’s various travails at Hogwarts. These include finding the servers he seeks in the Room of Requirement, then continually losing them as various students keep requesting the room to take different forms, and getting frustrated when everyone keeps making their laptop password “Alohamora.” Check out a selection of posts below, and keep your eyes peeled for any emoji-laden reaction from J.K. Rowling.