By Christopher Rosen
February 29, 2016 at 12:37 PM EST
Randy Holmes/ABC

When Batman v Superman arrives in theaters next month, don’t look for Jimmy Kimmel.

On Kimmel’s special post-Oscars edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, guest Ben Affleck brought along a so-called bonus scene from BvS featuring Kimmel, which he said producers unfortunately cut for time.

“You were good,” Affleck said while introducing the clip. “In the process of making movies — as you know, I’m a director so I have a certain perspective on this — one of the things you confront are very difficult creative choices. Where you have one thing that’s so, so good, and another thing that’s so so so good, but they can’t both be in the movie.”

In the fake scene, Affleck and costar Henry Cavill (the Batman and Superman, respectively, of the film’s title), confront each other at an affair held by Lex Luthor… when Kimmel makes things awkward by revealing their true identities. (A version of the scene appears in the actual BvS trailer.)

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Before the sketch aired, Kimmel did reveal some bit of truth: he’s seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. “I saw the movie and it’s great,” Kimmel told Affleck. “For kids and people who grew up loving comic books, to see Batman fight Superman, is unsettling. It challenges everything you believe.”

Watch the “deleted” scene below, and be sure to look out for cameos from Jesse Eisenberg and one of Affleck’s oldest friends (hint: Matt Damon). Batman v Superman is out on March 25.