It was meant to prevent people from saying thanks on stage. It hasn't worked.

By Lynette Rice
Updated February 28, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST

An attempt to shorten the acceptance speeches by allowing winners to thank folks via a news crawl that runs across the screen isn’t having the effect the Oscar producers wanted.

EW has learned that no one inside the theater can see the crawl; only the viewers at home can read the myriad names of family and friends and agents that are listed across the TV screen. The in-house audience has not been made aware that folks watching can see the crawl.

“I wondered whether that was happening,” Margaret Sixel, who won best editing for Mad Max: Fury Road, said backstage after accepting her award.

Even with the new gimmick, the recipients are still using their brief time at the podium to give thanks. Anyone who’s been caught showing too much gratitude has been played off with “March of the Valkyries.”

At the Oscars Luncheon earlier this month, producer David Hill said he was instituting the crawl after watching how a was played off the stage last year while she was talking about her son’s suicide.