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UPDATE: Chris Rock’s efforts earned his daughters’ Girl Scout troop a grand total of $65,243 — most of which, Rock joked, were purchased by Suge Knight, portrayed by an actor sitting among boxes of cookies.

He later received another $20 from Vice President Joe Biden, who casually handed a bill to him backstage. Rock posted a video of the encounter on Twitter:

No word on which cookies the VP wanted.

EARLIER: Like hosts of Oscars past, Chris Rock offered the nominees and attendees at the ceremony a tasty treat — this time, in the form of Girl Scout cookies.

And not just any Girl Scout cookies. The host brought out his daughters and asked those in the audience to buy boxes of cookies, because well, they can definitely afford them. “I want you to reach into your millionaire pockets and buy some of my daughters’ Girl Scout cookies,” Rock announced as a photo of his daughters appeared on the onstage screen.

Clearly, some in the audience did, including Mindy Kaling, Michael Keaton, and Kate Winslet:

Congratulations, Girl Scouts: You just won the Oscars.

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