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J.K. Rowling raised the bar on her own Twitter last week with that ace Chamillionaire reference, but the past few days have seen some quality content from our favorite online literary presence. Let’s take a look back at the last week in J.K. Rowling.

Who is Jack Thorne?

The next Harry Potter book isn’t quite a novel, as Rowling has gone to great lengths to point out. Instead, it’s a publication of theHarry Potter and the Cursed Child script . The play, which will make its stage debut in London’s West End later this year, was co-written by Rowling and Jack Thorne. Thorne is a successful playwright but considerably less famous than Rowling, so the original Harry Potter creator tweeted a link to a profile of him in The Independent. The piece puts Thorne’s casting of black actress Noma Dumezweni as Hermione into context by exploring his various efforts at diverse casting; his current play, The Solid Life of Sugar Water, features disabled actors in the two lead roles. Rowling called him “the only other writer I wanted near Cursed Child!”

Rehearsals have begun and Cursed Child gets its cast:

Speaking of Cursed Child, Rowling retweeted a Pottermore post on Friday announcing that rehearsals have officially begun on the highly-anticipated play. The same post revealed the names of all 42 actors who comprise the Cursed Child cast, including seven child actors “who will alternate between roles.”

A new book in the works:

Cursed Child may not quite be a book, but that doesn’t mean Rowling isn’t working on one at the moment. Rowling tweeted last week that she’d have finished it months ago if it weren’t for her dog. Fans got understandably excited, but Rowling cutely brushed them off, saying she’s always working on a book. No details yet about whether this is the next Robert Galbraith thriller, a new adult novel a la The Casual Vacancy, or something else altogether. Guess we’ll have to keep watching her feed.

A baby named Hermione:

The cutest moment of Rowling’s whole week, however, came when a fan messaged her to announce the birth of their child named Hermione. Rowling was over-the-moon, tweeting her congratulations with a full bevy of emojis. When another follower responded with some criticism, Rowling refused to apologize “because I think she looks beautiful!” That account is now locked, presumably as a defense against being put on blast by Rowling.