'It's not a dis by any means,' says John Stamos
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Here’s one family reunion people actually wanted to attend.

The long-awaited spin-off Fuller House began streaming Friday on Netflix, giving fans a look at the extended Tanner clan in a premiere episode that brought almost the whole cast back together.

But what didn’t you see on screen?

As PEOPLE (the only press to attend the premiere episode live taping) previously reported, the studio erupted into applause as each of the stars made their entrances. There was just one person on the entire soundstage who was not happy to see Uncle Jesse jog back into the Tanner family kitchen.

“We had our baby in the scene and the baby just lost it,” show creator Jeff Franklin told PEOPLE. “We were not really prepared for the volume that was going to be unleashed!”

So Stamos continued the scene with a baby doll. Taped scenes from the day before — when the babies who share the role weren’t startled by the audience — were edited in to the final cut. But not to worry: Fox and Dashiell Messitt, who play D.J.’s son, Tommy Jr., were happy campers after that initial surprise.

“I felt really bad for them,” said their mom, Kacy Andrews. “But they adjusted and as the season went on, they totally were not fazed by the audience screaming and applauding. The babies were happy and comfortable on set because the cast was so sweet and nice to them.”

And (potential spoiler alert): they totally warm up to Uncle J in the end.

“I think in the last episode one of them is sitting in his lap and he’s giving him a bottle and just kind of nuzzling him,” says Andrews. “It’s very sweet.”

Also cut from the first episode: A different take on the joke about Michelle’s absence. In the final cut, Stephanie asks Danny, “Where’s my little sis?” And Danny replies: “Well, Michelle sends her love but she’s busy in New York running her fashion empire.” And the cast deadpans into the camera.

“It was my idea,” Stamos told PEOPLE in December. “I thought, let’s just be simple and look at the camera. And it’s not a dis by any means. I just thought it was funny to go, ‘We get it, too.'”

But in an unseen take, after Danny explains that Michelle is otherwise engaged, all the castmates ad-lib amongst each other, with Uncle Jesse bemoaning Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s decision not to reprise their role as Michelle on the show. “One episode!” he shouts.

His character then gets a phone call, and as he exits the kitchen, he jokes, “It’s the twins’ lawyer.”

Fuller House is streaming now on Netflix.

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