It was 'running, and jumping, and beating people up,' explains the 'Hateful Eight' star


What made Zoë Bell want to spend several weeks in the Hawaiian jungle shooting the action-thriller Camino? “I think that answers itself,” says the actress and stuntwoman, whose credits include Grindhouse and The Hateful Eight. “But that may be because I have an affinity with the jungle and the forest, I guess. I certainly quite enjoy anything that smells like adventure.”

In the ’80-set film, Bell plays a photographer named Avery Taggert who, while on assignment in Colombia, snaps a missionary called “El Guero” committing an atrocity and is subsequently hunted by this highly unpleasant gentleman and his gun-toting compadres through the South American jungle. Bell’s costars include Kevin Pollak, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night actress Sheila Vand, and Timecrimes director Nacho Vigalondo, who portrays El Guero. The film was written and directed by, respectively, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller, the latter of whom also made 2013’s Bell-starring Raze.

“Obviously, I’ve worked with Josh before and Noah is a good friend,” says Bell, when asked to describe the project’s origins. “Originally, Avery, my character, was a man, and then one of those geniuses decided to make it a woman, and then the other genius thought it could be me. The character of Avery appealed to me and [I thought], If we can make this an easy decision, then maybe people will make it more often in the future, and we’ll get different characters other than the stereotypical white male.”

So, what was it like filming in the jungle? “There were times when the toilet was — at least as far as my bladder was concerned — too far away to make the trip,” she admits. “And the mosquitoes were hellish at times, and, when you go into the pond, you try not to inhale any of the water, because you might get sick.”

Other than that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln? “You work around those things, don’t you?” says Bell. “What Avery was going through was far more harrowing. I wasn’t being chased — so I had that going for me!”

As usual, Bell also performed her own stunts on the film. “There were a couple of days when I had a body double because the Hateful Eight schedule changed, and I had to leave,” says the actress, who will also soon be seen in the time-travel thriller Paradox (out in theaters April 15 and on VOD/iTunes, April 19). “But I tend to be quite territorial about my roles, if it’s something I can do, and I can do well. Yeah, Camino was running, and jumping, and beating people up. That’s all stuff I can do.”

Yikes. Remind us not to get into an argument with you in a dark alley.

“I fight better in the light,” she laughs. “So, you’re alright.”

Camino, which is distributed by XLrator Media, is out in theaters March 4 and will be available to watch on VOD and via iTunes on March 8. You can see the film’s trailer below and an exclusive clip, above.