By Christian Holub
February 25, 2016 at 02:05 PM EST

The camaraderie on The Walking Dead set is well-known, but as star Norman Reedus explained to James Corden on Wednesday night, the latest manifestation of the bond is a prank war between Reedus and Andrew Lincoln. It apparently started when someone gifted Reedus an ’80s-style airbrushed Daryl Dixon license plate, and he snuck onto Lincoln’s car without the latter noticing. Lincoln swore he would get Reedus back, but Daryl Dixon once again beat him to the punch.

“He was trying to plot, but he’s really bad at it to be honest,” Reedus said. “So the last day of shooting for this latest season, he walked into his trailer and I’d filled it full of chickens.”

“You filled his trailer full of chickens?” Corden asked. “Hold on, you were trying to get him back for something he hadn’t done yet?”

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“Yeah, you gotta hit ’em quick, you know what I mean?” Reedus said. “A good offense.”

Watch the clip above.

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