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Put down your neon flash cards scrawled with “You got it dude,” “Have mercy,” and “Hola Tanneritos!”: EW has all the Fuller House prep you need right here. Before the Full House revival hits Netflix on Friday, ensure that your binge will be fueled with as much nostalgia as possible by brushing up on where we left the extended Tanner clan:

MICHELLE TANNER (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen): The youngest Tanner daughter took center stage in what turned out to be the series’ final outing, the two-part season 8 finale “Michelle Rides Again” (1995). Frustrated by stage dad (stable dad?) Danny’s competitive zeal, Michelle bowed out on a riding competition and hit the trails instead, only to lose her memory after a fall from her horse. Amnesiac Michelle was a vicious critic of all things Full House, which is to say that she called out her family for how much they hugged, but hugs won out when Michelle’s memory returned, leading to an elusive side-by-side Olsen twin appearance.

STEPHANIE TANNER (Jodie Sweetin): Always the performer of the bunch, Stephanie landed the part of Shakespeare’s Juliet opposite her crush as Romeo. He wouldn’t kiss her for a while (because he liked her), but when Michelle let slip that Stephanie liked him back, he did. And that’s Stephanie’s last big story. Leave it to the middle child to get the mediocre ending.

D.J. TANNER (Candace Cameron Bure): Newly single just before prom, D.J. considered stooping so low as to (gasp) go with a nerd, then considered going with Wayne, Kimmy’s boyfriend Duane’s cousin, then bowed out of the big dance altogether to focus on taking care of her sister. But, like the animated Disney character played by her most steady boyfriend (actor Scott Weinger, who played Steve Hale, voiced Aladdin), D.J. got three wishes: Becky helped her find a smashing gold dress at the last minute, Michelle’s memory came back, and Kimmy recruited Steve to return home from college and escort D.J. to the prom.

KIMMY GIBBLER (Andrea Barber): Kimmy’s prom dress lit up, so it’s safe to say that we left her in a good place.

DANNY TANNER (Bob Saget): After a handful of girlfriends, including a brief engagement to Vicky, who served as his Wake Up, San Francisco co-host during Becky’s maternity leave, Danny ended Full House in a committed relationship with the scent of Lemon Pledge.

JOEY GLADSTONE (Dave Coulier): When stand-up comedy didn’t go as planned, Joey co-hosted a radio show with Jesse and played “Ranger Joe” on an afternoon children’s TV show, along with trusty sidekick puppet Mr. Woodchuck. Joey may or may not have thought Mr. Woodchuck was real.

JESSE KATSOPOLIS (John Stamos): Already juggling a band, a club (The Smash Club), and his radio show with Joey, Jesse considered adding a new show to the mix, but Michelle’s temporary amnesia pushed him to reconsider his priorities. Family first. Hair second. Work third.

BECKY DONALDSON KATSOPOLIS (Lori Loughlin): We left Becky as we met her: in awe of how cool she was. Who else could find D.J. that prom dress in a handful of hours?

NICKY AND ALEX KATSOPOLIS (Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit): Jesse and Becky’s young twins pulled one last prank in the series finale when they tried to convince a memory-less Michelle that she’d offered them one of her stuffed animals. Busted.

COMET (Buddy): Comet was and is immortal, right?

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