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Carol Peletier has killed scores of zombies during her six seasons on The Walking Dead. Too many to mention, in fact. But a few of them definitely are worth mentioning.

With that in mind, we asked the woman who plays Carol, Melissa McBride, to name her favorite walker kill ever, and she could not contain it to just one. “I have two favorite walker kills,” says Peletier. “One of them was in season 4 where Carol goes down to the bridge outside of the fence at the prison to get the gunk out of the hose. And Rick sees her down there and is of course calling her — ‘Carol!’ ”

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This leads McBride to question whether Mr. Grimes actually did more harm than good in that particular situation. “If he hadn’t called her, do you think the walkers would have noticed? Anyway, so the walkers come and she’s got to kill them and she runs up to the fence and kills one with the hacksaw. And it gets stuck in its head. That was a really fun one to shoot.”

What is her other favorite walker kill ever? “The other one was Terminus,” says McBride. “And that was just to obliterate a bunch of them with an explosion and that was a lot of fun.” Exploding zombies? Yeah, there are probably worse days on set. In any event, to watch McBride discuss and see the actual kills themselves, check out the video at the top of the post.

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