The rapper also spoke out about the Grammys in a new tweetstorm.
Credit: Kevin Winter/WireImage

Kanye West took to Twitter once again on Wednesday to share his thoughts about the Grammy Awards — and to note that he has a new album coming this summer. It was not immediately clear whether West was referring to a new, eighth studio album or the still-gestating revision of The Life of Pablo that he’s teased since putting that record out earlier this month.

The musician started off his latest string of tweets by lamenting “cool artists whose hearts have been broken by the politics including mine” and noting that “the Grammy awarding system is way off and completely out of touch.” He cited Future’s song “March Madness” and A$AP Rocky’s “LSD” music video as glaring oversights by the Grammys, and added that “we need to see Young Thug at the Grammys” and “not just me and Jay in a suit.”

West has spoken out often about the his dissatisfaction with the Grammys. Despite overwhelming critical acclaim, none of his albums since 2007’s Graduation have been nominated for the Album of the Year award. West memorably took to the stage at 2015’s ceremony to voice his disapproval — before turning around without commenting — when Beck beat out Beyoncé to take home the album prize. And on Pablo‘s opening track “Ultralight Beam,” Chance the Rapper rhymes about the Grammys policy that music must be sold to be eligible for awards, which some see as antiquated considering the modern prevalence of mixtape culture.

West also provided the now-familiar justifications for his outspoken behavior, tweeting that he’s “free from being held back by public opinion” and that during this “beautiful time” he loves “the human race.”

West debuted a new song at a private party in Los Angeles Tuesday night. EW has also learned that he plans to tour behind Pablo — and now, perhaps, behind the new album he says will come out this summer.

Check out more of West’s tweets below.