By Christian Holub
February 24, 2016 at 04:32 PM EST

After so many years starring on Grey’s Anatomy, it’s understandable that Ellen Pompeo would’ve picked up some medical knowledge along the way. Jimmy Kimmel decided to put this to the test on his Tuesday night show, however, by quizzing Pompeo for the names of various medical tools.

The test started off with easy, with the commonly known stethoscope, and then hit a few obstacles. Pompeo couldn’t identify forceps, since they had never been used on Grey’s, but could identify a rib spreader, scalpel, and otoscope. Others she knew by their use rather than their name.

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“You did pretty well, but suffice to say if there’s an emergency I am not going to turn to you,” Kimmel said.

Watch the full clip below.