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This episode should be called “The Moms Suck”; therefore, my review will be entitled “An Ode to Abby.”

After seven weeks of listening to them complain that Abby is not around, then attack Ashlee (not that she didn’t deserve it), then complain about Abby again, Abby finally returns (and stays for an entire episode)… and they are STILL not happy.

“She is not into being here!”

“Her choreography is awful!”

“Why is her hair in a towel?”

“She is jealous of Maddie!”

“What is wrong with her?”

At this point even my kids start yelling at the screen “What is wrong with you? Don’t you know she may go to jail?”

I mean, really. Come. On. Do I really need to explain this? The woman is about to lose everything, is humiliated, facing potential jail time, has to go on national TV through it all and all you can think about is choreography? Abby was a wild card to begin with, how can you not think that this would make her even more unpredictable? Yet the moms continue on.

Maddie is at the bottom of the pyramid, they complain. Nia has to do the Charleston, they complain. Brynn is still there, they complain (poor Brynn, who has been abused all season).

The group dance is called the “7 Deadly Sins” and each girl performs one of the sins. The moms take this time to go through every sin and say how each one reflects Abby’s personality and why. Talk about kicking someone when they are down. Yes, this woman is a pain. Yes, this woman is verbally abusive. Yes, this woman acts out. However, this woman is why your kids are who they are. It’s her dance team, her studio and her name that have brought you and your daughters the recognition they currently have. Yet, you abuse her when she needs you most? Shame on you.

The bottom line is, luckily for the viewers, Abby is back. Let’s face it: Abby makes the show. When they cut to her interviews, I actually felt my body relax. We were tired of watching the moms

We want to hear the real deal and for better or worse, Abby serves up the truth without whining about it. When the moms would start complaining, Abby is finally there to shut them down. When Ashlee starts bragging about her kid, Abby is there to set her straight. When the kids are “lazy dancing,” Abby is there to say things like “Use your brain!” instead of coddling them. Most of all, Abby makes us laugh.

This was one of the first episodes this season at which my daughters and I chuckled the whole way through. The three of us were in on the joke … with Abby. Not only that, we sympathized with her. It was us against the moms (I’m amazing compared to them — yay)!

Once again, for one hour, Dance Moms has my girls and I in complete agreement. Our house is Team Abby! We’ve got your back!

P.S. Where are the minis?

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