'You want to fight me?' 'I'm wearing glasses, you couldn't possibly throw a punch at me'

By Christian Holub
February 23, 2016 at 04:48 PM EST

Stephen Colbert is usually relatively unflappable, but not during his interview with Casey Affleck on Monday night.

Colbert opened the Late Show chat by sarcastically thanking Affleck, who wore casual clothes and had a beard, for “dressing up.”

“I’m not saying you don’t look good,” Colbert said, causing Affleck to call out the host as rude. “I’m not being rude at all,” Colbert returned, before adding that the actor’s look was similar to “a street-corner Jesus.”

Colbert and Affleck reached a bit of a detente when they finally started talking about Affleck’s new movie Triple 9, but even that didn’t go as planned. (As Colbert later admitted, he had only seen an hour’s worth of the project before having to bail out to help his child with a science project.)

“We should probably end up fighting,” Colbert joked during the interview. “I don’t want to do that,” Affleck said, before asking Colbert if he did want to fight. The host did not, and neither did Affleck.

Watch the full clip below.