Remember when Leonardo 'DiCarpio' was in that elephant movie?

By Oliver Gettell
Updated February 23, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: Fandango
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With the 88th Academy Awards just days away, you might have some catching up to do for this year’s nominees. And while our first recommendation would be to check out EW’s in-depth looks at such films as The Martian, Brooklyn, and Mad Max: Fury Road, you can also try your luck with some precocious children.

For its latest Reel Kids video, Fandango Movieclips asked a group of adorably ill-informed youngsters to break down this year’s Oscar nominees for Best Picture.

Among their notable assertions are that Brooklyn centers on a young woman getting a job at a store in Hollywood, that The Revenant is “about an elephant” and stars Leonardo “DiCarpio”, and that The Big Short tells the story of “a tall person and a short person.”

Got all that? Watch the video above for more.

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