By Dana Getz
Updated February 23, 2016 at 05:35 PM EST
Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Following the news that President Obama has plans to close down Guantanamo Bay for good, former Office writer and star Mindy Kaling added to the show’s canon as we know it.

“Dwight Schrute would be so mad about Guantanamo shutting down,” Kaling tweeted Tuesday morning, adding, “Then he’d be like, ‘Send ’em to Schrute Farms.’ ”

Though the series ended three years ago, The Office carries lingering nostalgia for its former stars. Kaling and B.J. Novak, who played the nauseatingly on-again, off-again couple of Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard, lead the charge. Howard has a working list of Office episodes he wishes they’d written, and tweeted on Monday a handful of ideas for his lovably quirky former boss, Michael Scott.

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