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The Golden Globes raised some eyebrows this year not only for nominating The Martian in the musical/comedy category, but then for also awarding it the prize over more traditional comedies like Trainwreck. The Martian is funny, no one disputes that, but it’s not quite a comedy in form or tone…until now, that is. In a new video, Mashable recut scenes from Ridley Scott’s sci-fi blockbuster and added narration to make it an actual comedy.

In this version, Mark Watney’s failure to get on the shuttle home from Mars is met with a comical whoopee cushion noise. “This comedy will make you explode with laughter,” the narration says over footage of one of Watney’s failed experiments blowing up in his face.

The video doesn’t stop there, however. It goes all the way at the end into a full-on musical, setting various dialogue to showtune numbers (although in family-friendly fashion, the movie’s most famous line is changed into “I’m gonna have to science the spit out of this”).

Watch the full video below.

The Martian — in its original form — is among the nominees for Best Picture at this Sunday’s Oscars. Head here to see the full list of contenders.

The Martian
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