Deadpool came out two weeks ago (and has ruled the box office since then), but it’s not too late to make the superhero action-comedy an Oscar contender, right?

The man behind the Merc with the Mouth, Ryan Reynolds, debuted a “For Your Considerbation” poster for the Tim Miller-directed film. Among Deadpool‘s accolades and distinctions? The winner of four Golden Girls and the viewer of five Academy Awards presentations (hopefully he had some chimichangas to keep himself fed during those long awards shows).

Though the movie is ineligible for an Oscar, since it debuted after the calendar year of consideration, Deadpool and Reynolds hope Academy members will throw the superhero in as a write-in candidate.

Check out the image below to see all the categories in which Deadpool would like to be nominated, including a few that read more like MTV Movie Award categories than those at the Oscars. For more on the box office record-breaking film, check out EW’s interview with the director, as well as a look at the film’s viral marketing plan.

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