By Natalie Abrams
February 23, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST
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It’s the question Arrow fans have been asking since the season premiere revealed that someone close to Oliver (Stephen Amell) would end up six feet under: Who is in the grave?

Though Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) appeared to be an early frontrunner, especially after the midseason finale closed with her being shot, an additional flash forward revealed that Felicity was alive after the funeral. Still, her reaction — and the fact that she was no longer wearing her engagement ring — signaled the potential that whoever was in the grave had some significance to her.

“I think that it’s someone closer to Felicity,” Rickards tells EW. “I always thought it would be somebody closer to Felicity. I just think that it’s probably going to hurt everyone a lot, like a lot.”

Before we get to that shocking reveal, however, Felicity will soon discover Oliver’s big secret thanks to Damian Darhk (Neal McDonough) kidnapping his son William. “We saw how she reacted to her finding out about his son in an alternate timeline in The Flash crossover,” Rickards says. “I feel like her feelings there weren’t unprecedented, but obviously it was a different timeline. With this coming up, it puts a big stake in their relationship. It makes it known that she doesn’t really know 100 percent who she’s in a relationship with. I think that that scares her and makes her untrusting whether she should have more leeway with him at this point. It hurts her pretty bad.”

By taking Oliver’s son, Damien Darhk is only further proving that he’s not playing fair by any means. “With Darhk, we still don’t know the magnitude of his powers,” Rickards says. “We haven’t really figured out where we can draw the line with him. Trying to work around Darhk for the past nine months has proven to be a difficult feat, especially with his wife trying to take political leadership in the city. Without knowing exactly what they’re up against and not knowing the weaknesses of their opponent, without finding what the weakest spot is right away, you put yourselves in danger and someone will probably end up in the grave.”

Could someone potentially end up being multiple people? “There could always be more casualties on our show,” Rickards says. “There are casualties all the time.”

On a more positive note, Curtis (Echo Kellum) recently developed a way for Team Arrow’s go-to IT gal to walk again, so Felicity will be back on her feet in no time. “We don’t really have the time to make it a long process on our show, especially because we’re coming up to the last five episodes or so of shooting,” Rickards says. “We hope it doesn’t seem like a shock to the audience, but we really did want her to be able to walk again and start a second new chapter.”

That next chapter is Felicity developing a new outlook on life. “She takes on life now with a new goal, so she starts working on something else,” Rickards says. “She doesn’t necessarily want to be working at Palmer Tech in the day and giving her life to the team at night. She wants to make a difference in the world, which is what she’s always wanted. She seems to have maybe forgot that that’s why she started living this life in the first place. That reignites that for her. It’s like she made a New Year’s resolution with being able to walk again. It’s like a new year for her.”

With that said, will this new outlook make her reconsider being part of the team? “I would like her to be on Team Arrow,” Rickards says. “We’ve seen her say ‘I don’t want to be on the team, I do want to be on the team’ a number of times. The area within the lair is literally called Felicity’s lair. I don’t know how she wouldn’t go back. My only concern is that if she goes back, it’s never flippant with her. She makes a decision based on what her heart is telling her. With this new life resolution, she has with her legs, it that would still have to have value and still be possible if she went back to the team. I wouldn’t want to lose her new goal to go back to what the team means to her.”

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