The seven-minute clip is really two videos in one.


Rihanna’s “Work” video has finally arrived. The wait was refreshingly short for the newfound queen of anticipation, who’s back with the full release after teasing a clip to Twitter Friday.

“Work,” featuring Drake, is the the first single from her long-awaited Anti, which officially debuted on Tidal Jan. 28 after months of delays. In the first half of the video, directed by Director X, Rihanna “works” her hips as hard as her vocals, grinding on the rapper at dimly lit party.

But when the party ends, another video starts. The second half, helmed by Tim Erem, features just Rihanna and Drake in a pink-lit room. Check out the whole thing below.

The pair have appeared together previously in the videos for the title track of Drake’s 2012 album Take Care and “What’s My Name?” for Rihanna’s 2010 album Loud.