By Joey Nolfi
Updated February 22, 2016 at 05:22 PM EST

Peyton List grew up in front the camera, and now the Disney Channel star is talking to Entertainment Weekly about the women and experiences that have shaped her perspective along the way.

The 18-year old actress, whose film roles include supporting parts in 27 Dresses, Remember Me, and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, currently headlines Bunk’d, a spinoff of her breakout series, Jessie. List told EW that adjusting to life on a working set had her moving from New York to Los Angeles when she was just 13 years old, but she was able to find strength and inspiration in the motivated women around her.

“Pamela Eells has been the most amazing leader,” she says of the woman who created the television series that made her a star. “She’s such a nurturing person, and that is what makes a woman such a great leader: she’s nurturing, but also gets stuff done.”

List says she tries to do the same for the hordes of fans that follow her on social media, but the haters sometimes get in the way.

“Even though I see this big number — millions of people that are following me — I just put that aside and imagine my friends behind the screen,” she says. “It’s sort of a mood board for my life, really. It’s the best person that I want to be, the best face that I want to put forward.”

Though she’s matured both on and off the set over the years, List says she sometimes loses sight of her humble beginnings, and she’s calling on red carpet interviewers to keep her grounded.

“I feel like everyone is so jaded now. My brother and I want to leave and go get In-N-Out Burger when we’re at a party, but there are so many cool people. I wish people asked, ‘What would your younger self be so excited about? What would you be excited to see ten years ago?’” she says. “I lose sight of that, and I feel like I should be reminded. Everyone should.”

See more from List — including her tips on how to handle social media haters — in the video above.