By Will Robinson
Updated February 22, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST
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The Gilmore Girls are getting back together on Netflix, but what about Lauren Graham’s other TV family: the Braverman clan? There’s no indication Parenthood is on its way back (though showrunner Jason Katims has said he’s open to the idea of a revival). That’s not enough to stop three of its stars — Graham, Mae Whitman, and Peter Krause — from getting together in an unofficial capacity.

Graham and Krause — siblings on the show, coupled in real life — attended the opening of Whitman’s Los Angeles play, The Mystery of Love and Sex over the weekend.

Graham’s character was the mother of Whitman’s in Parenthood, which lasted six seasons on NBC. They look familial and happy here; hopefully Rory won’t get too jealous of her mom spending time with her alternate reality half-sister.

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