Hear 'The Highline' now.

By Eric Renner Brown
Updated February 22, 2016 at 04:26 PM EST
Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Former Sonic Youth founder Kim Gordon has announced Glitterbust, the debut album from her band of the same name. Gordon formed the band with Alex Knost of Tomorrows Tulips; Glitterbust appeared appeared at Burger Records’ Burger a-Go-Go 2 in September 2015. The respected indie label will release Glitterbust on double LP and cassette on March 4.

Glitterbust also shared “The Highline,” one of the album’s five tracks. (Hear it below.) Other songs on Glitterbust include “Nude Economics” and “Erotic Resume.”

Gordon released her memoir, Girl in a Band, in early 2015, four years after she had split from husband and fellow Sonic Youth founder Thurston Moore after 27 years of marriage. THe band dissolved soon after. Another of Gordon’s bands, her Bill Nace collaboration Body/Head, released its debut album Coming Apart in 2013.