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Alex (Steve Zissis) calls Tina (Amanda Peet) a “tragic trainwreck” in the trailer for Togetherness‘ second season — and Peet doesn’t think that’s too far off.

“She’s not self-aware so when she feels something, she just kind of acts out,” Peet tells EW. “And when you’re pushing 40, that’s not an attractive quality.”

The first season of the HBO comedy-drama, created by Mark and Jay Duplass along with Zissis, ended with Alex asking Tina to come with him to New Orleans, and Tina choosing instead to stay with her wealthy boyfriend, Larry (Peter Gallagher). But she starts to regret that decision.

“Alex has come into a little bit of success and he’s starting to do some acting and then he comes home with a woman he’s dating, and so it throws the balance off for everyone,” Peet says. “But especially for my character. I start to freak out.”

Translation: “I get really drunk and misbehave and act out,” she continues. “It’s not pretty.”

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In less messy news, Tina also has a new gig babysitting for her sister’s (Melanie Lynskey) kids, something that makes her think it might be time to change. “She realizes that she’s not 22 anymore, and one of the arcs for her this season is realizing that the window is closing if she wants to have a family,” Peet says.

See what else Tina is up to when Togetherness‘ second season premieres Sunday at 10:30 p.m. ET on HBO, and watch the trailer above.

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