By Christian Holub
Updated February 19, 2016 at 01:23 PM EST
Credit: CBS

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog recently went through a bit of a career change, moving from general insult comedy to a specific focus on political commentary. Triumph’s Election Special, now streaming on Hulu, features the Robert Smigel-voiced dog lampooning presidential candidates, asking Ted Cruz questions like “Senator, is it true you shut down the government so you could go to a Nickelback concert?” On Thursday, Triumph visited Stephen Colbert’s show to discuss his new political career, and specifically, which recently-fallen candidates he wish he could’ve interviewed for the special.

“I’m bummed out because I never got to meet Carly Fiorina face-to-facelift,” Triumph said, as multiple cigars fell out of his mouth.

Colbert was impressed by the good reviews for the election special, but Triumph revealed that he had sent pictures of dog porn to critics. Colbert, who has made a point of having candidates from both parties on his show and asking them balanced question, started to get frustrated that Triumph’s criticism wasn’t balanced, and, more importantly, that the dog hadn’t done his proper research. Triumph replied by proving copies of the candidates’ books he had supposedly read: Donald Trump’s Pride and Prejudice (Now with More Prejudice) and Jeb Bush’s Leading to Courage America Freedom…Future…Ah, F–k It, I’m Out.

Watch the clip below.


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