By Jonathon Dornbush
February 19, 2016 at 02:23 PM EST
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Conan O’Brien traveled to South Korea and was welcomed as nothing short of a rock star. But the talk show host wasn’t just there to meet his fans — he also took on the role of a lifetime.

O’Brien cameoed twice on Korean drama One More Happy Ending, about the members of a formerly popular female musical group who have now moved onto new phases of their lives and are learning to fall in love once again. And this week’s episodes just so happen to include O’Brien as a possible love interest.

First, O’Brien made a cameo in an episode as the hallucination of one of the stars, his head appearing on the body of a fish. But O’Brien also appeared in a later episode, meeting with Jang Na-ra’s character Han Mi-mo, with whom he falls in love. Rather than sign up for a service that helps him find a marriage partner, O’Brien would rather flirt with Han, as he’s become infatuated with her during their meeting.

Watch the two clips below to see O’Brien’s turn on the Korean drama, and continue scrolling down for video of his and his producer and “Clueless Gamer” co-host Aaron Bleyaert‘s arrival in South Korea.

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