By Joey Nolfi
February 19, 2016 at 09:23 PM EST

Skyler Samuels isn’t afraid to stand up for sisterhood, as the Scream Queens actress recently dished to Entertainment Weekly all about her desire to see women stand together for inspiration.    

“I hope the biggest takeaway from Scream Queens is girls empowering other girls and supporting one another,” she said on the red carpet at EW’s SAG Awards Party last month. “In a group dynamic, sometimes we’re tempted to take each other down, but ultimately girls need girls to get through the day and survive. So, band together, ladies! It’s important.”

The 21-year old star said that despite Scream Queens’ satirical portrayal of sorority sisters as backstabbing (and sometimes murderous) divas, she thinks it’s important for young girls to see positive role models in the media.

“It’s definitely a big responsibility that comes with the job now, because it’s not just about what’s happening onscreen,” she said. “It’s really important to set a good example in your own life. Grace Gardner and the Chanels might be insane, but follow our Instagrams. We’re good girls in real life.”

Samuels also noted that she was thrilled to have bonded with personal idol Jamie Lee Curtis on the set of the Ryan Murphy-created series, which features a diverse, predominantly female cast. 

“To meet her on [the show] and now consider her a friend is so crazy. This is amazing, having your mentors become your friends,” Samuels gushed.

Scream Queens is set to return this fall on Fox. For now, you can see more from Samuels in the video above.