Venice is our favorite city in the country of Paris

By Dylan Kickham
Updated February 18, 2016 at 06:48 PM EST

Husband and wife David and Keri won themselves a romantic gondola ride in Venice … now, David just has to figure out where that is.

During a special couples episode of Wheel of Fortune, David and Keri solved the puzzle “Gondola ride thourgh Venice,” and host Pat Sajak informed them that the puzzle’s solution would also be their prize. Of course, the couple celebrated, but Sajak had one last question for them, asking if they knew what country Venice is in.

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David’s response? “Paris.” Although he realizes Paris is a city and not a country after the audience and fellow contestants laugh at his response, David still can’t get it right, correcting his answer to “France.” Hey, at least he’s in the right continent!

To Keri’s relief, Sajak informed the couple that they would still get the trip to Italy.

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