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Alice in Wonderland (Book - Lewis Carroll)

Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, gets an aural makeover on Feb. 23, with a new audiobook performed by Hail, Caesar! star Scarlett Johansson. This dusting of star power isn’t the only exciting thing about the new release: Johansson’s sister Vanessa directed the audiobook.

“Scarlett and I had so much fun working together, which I think was the primary motivation for both of us taking this job,” Vanessa tells EW. “As kids we were always creating silly characters and funny voices — working on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was a great opportunity to be playful together in that way. Scarlett has a great range to her voice and she’s not afraid to make strong choices. It was fun to take full advantage of those qualities in order to create an audio world for all of these fabulous characters.”

Vanessa also notes that while she and her sister were very familiar with the Disney cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland, reading Carroll’s original version gave them a completely new perspective. “Our preconceived notions flew out the window after taking in Carroll’s strange, bizarre, and intriguing world,” she says, “and it became very clear why it has inspired both adults and children for over 150 years, and I’m sure will continue to do so.”

Listen to an exclusive clip of Scarlett’s performance below:

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Alice in Wonderland (Book - Lewis Carroll)
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