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Dramatic kisses are the lifeblood of teen shows, but as Dawson’s Creek veteran Katie Holmes explained to James Corden on Wednesday night, they can often be more awkward on set than in real life.

“It’s so awkward because with a first kiss in real life, if it doesn’t go well you’re kinda like, ‘Oh, I gotta get home,’ and never have to deal with that person,” Holmes said. “But on screen, you’re gonna have to have lunch, and probably have to work together tomorrow.”

This prompted the reasonable follow-up question: who was the best kisser on Dawson’s Creek? James Van Der Beek or Joshua Jackson? When Holmes turned it back around, opinions were divided.

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“I think Der Beek, ’cause I would get straight up in his grill,” Corden said.

“I went to high school with Josh, and I could tell you right now, he’s a terrific kisser,” said fellow guest Ryan Reynolds.

Holmes’ reaction seemed to indicate that Reynolds was in fact correct.

“Pacey’s better than Dawson, I can’t believe it!” Corden said.

Watch the clip below.

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