Entertainment Geekly: The epic 'DKR' podcast

By Darren Franich
Updated February 18, 2016 at 09:24 PM EST
DC Comics

In February 1986, DC Comics published the first issue of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Comic books, and popular culture, would never be the same. Thirty years later, Miller’s influence shows no sign of receding. Next month’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice takes much of its tone (and several iconic visuals) straight from Miller’s series. And Miller himself is currently co-writing a DKR threequel comic series, The Master Race.

In this week’s episode of the Entertainment Geekly podcast, we dive deep into all things Dark Knight and Frank Miller. We’re joined in the studio by special guest, Frank Miller-ologist Alex Pappademas, formerly of Grantland, who shares his thoughts on how The Dark Knight Returns has aged, while also offering a notable defense of Miller’s sequel series, The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Listen below, and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.