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This episode opens with all the moms standing around Abby, at her studio, asking her if she is going to come out and teach. Abby is a mess. Still in pajamas, hair in curlers and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Holly, Jess, and Ashlee (who is not even officially on the team) are threatening to go to Debbie Allen’s studio, while Jill and Melissa are trying to gently reason and comfort her (finally!). Abby loses it and tells everyone to leave her alone. As I’m watching this with my girls, I was happy to note, that they felt bad for Abby (who was in tears) and wanted the moms to stop attacking her.

However, Abby’s behavior and neglect is not going to fly with the moms. As Holly said, “a Dance Mom doesn’t sit around and do nothing! We take matters in our own hands!” They decide to have a talk with the girls and tell them that Abby doesn’t want them there. These poor girls look exhausted and sad. It’s been a stressful season and all they want to do is dance. Their teacher doesn’t want them and they don’t know the ultimate fate of their team.

Eventually, they all decide to go to Debbie Allen’s studio to rehearse. Gianna goes too, and she seems to be the only person that Abby never gets angry with.

Debbie Allen is the complete opposite of Abby. She is positive and encouraging. She watches the girls rehearse and gives them tips. I can’t wait for Debbie to spend a little more time with these moms and hear their constant bickering. I can’t imagine she would stand for it. We saw a glimpse of it when she shut the moms down when they started complaining about Abby.

The competition this week is in Phoenix, which is Kelani and Brynn’s hometown, so they each get a solo. Their mothers, Kira and Ashlee, hate each other. This is also the first time we are seeing Kelani’s mom, Kira this season because she has been home with her newborn. Kira and Ashlee go at it from the first moment they are in the room together. Ashlee says Kelani is not a good dancer. Kira curses Ashlee out. Ashlee tells Kira to leave and that no one wants her there. Kira drops some more F-bombs. Ashlee says she has 3 different baby daddys and Kira storms out. Melissa, Jill and poor Kelani have to chase after her and remind her how terrible Ashlee is. They also tell her that Ashlee is just jealous because Brynn is not as good as the rest of the girls. Poor Brynn! It’s going to be horrible for this young kid to watch this show and hear everyone say these terrible things about her, only to get back at her mom. Kelani does her solo, Brynn does her solo and my girls can’t bear to watch. They like Kelani and they like Brynn — it’s their moms that need to go.

To make things even more stressful, Abby is in Phoenix and decides after all the girls have their costumes on, to make them change. This sends the moms in a tirade, but in the end Abby gets her way and the girls rush and change from one boy short to another.

In the end, the ALDC girls win the overall group dance. Kelani wins 1st for her solo and beats poor Brynn who didn’t even place. I hope after watching this episode all the moms realize that the only people getting hurt here are the girls. In this case, it was Brynn. I can’t even imagine what it’s been like for her to watch this season. Hopefully she knows that there are millions of little girls, like mine that root for her each week and know that it’s not her fault. My girls want her to know that every episode they are supporting her — “Go Brynn!”

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