By Christian Holub
Updated February 17, 2016 at 08:08 PM EST

It’s a familiar story: Boy meets Girl. Boy likes Girl. To impress Girl, Boy tries smuggling $300,000 worth of uncut cocaine into America.

This story made headlines back in 1984. Now, it’s being retold in The Preppie Connection. Thomas Mann (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) stars as Toby, a blue-collar high-school student who wins a scholarship to a snooty prep school. Toby starts dealing cocaine to impress the richer, cooler kids, especially Alex (Lucy Fry). For awhile it works out, because this was the ’80s and Scarface posters was everywhere. Then Toby gets an opportunity to visit Colombia and make a deal with a cartel for even more coke, and it’s safe to assume he might be slightly in over his head.

The Preppie Connection is out March 18, in select theaters and VOD. Watch the full trailer above.