Galifianakis once shared a Coke with Mary J. Blige in a public-access TV station, and other stories

By Christian Holub
Updated February 17, 2016 at 02:37 PM EST
Credit: NBC

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Fallon brought Zach Galifianakis and Bill Maher together for his latest game of True Confessions, where three contestants say either a truth or a lie and the others have to guess which is which. Before the game even started, Maher and Galifiankis got distracted by the prop joint on the table.

First up in the game was Galifianakis, whose statement (“in college, I once shared a Coke with Mary J. Blige at a public-access television station”) was obscured by the comedian’s typically strange delivery. It took Galifianakis forever to admit the reason he was at the station (where Blige’s aunt worked) was to teach a waltz class.

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Fallon’s was almost more difficult in its simplicity: “I used to think pretzels were cigarettes.” Galifianakis and Maher’s bevy of follow-up questions (pretzel sticks or curvy pretzels? Did you try to light a pretzel?) convinced them that the story must be false. It was, however, true, just like Galifiankis’, causing Maher to curse.

“Hey, this isn’t HBO! You can’t say that here!” Fallon said.

Maher’s statement: “I once tried to ask a girl out, and she wound up mistakenly thinking I was deaf, so I went with it.” Maher’s story was that he was taking a beat from Where the Boys Are.

Watch the clip below.

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