Credit: Ben Rothstein

Hugh Jackman will soon begin filming his final turn as the grumpy, clawed mutant Wolverine, but it looks like Logan’s claws might be even sharper this time around.

With the blockbuster success of Fox’s ultra-violent Deadpool this past weekend and reports that the studio revealed the new Wolverine‘s rating at New York’s Toy Fair this weekend, rumors have been swirling that Jackman’s third solo outing could be R-rated (the previous two films were both PG-13).

Well, it appears the rumors are true…ish.

While 20th Century Fox didn’t return request for comment, EW has learned that the next Wolverine has always been contemplated as an R-rated installment.

Of course things can change: the film, directed by The Wolverine‘s James Mangold, isn’t due in theaters till March 3, 2017. But we’re guessing audiences’ enthusiasm for Deadpool’s potty mouth and appetite for bloodshed could be a genre game-changer.