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Let’s hear it for Michonne, who totally saved Rick during the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead! Way to go!

Of course, if we are going to praise Michonne for stopping Ron from shooting Rick by (literally) stabbing him in the back, I suppose in the interest of full disclose we must also acknowledge that when the trajectory of Ron’s bullet changed because of said stabbing, it resulted in Carl getting his eye shot out. So, that’s less than great.

We couldn’t help but have some fun with actress Danai Gurira as we talked about Michonne’s role in what happened to Carl as well as that tense scene where she couldn’t save both of the Grimes men at the same time.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Danai, you just wasted Ron. Just took him out!

DANAI GURIRA: What did you want me to do?!

You took that sucker down!

What did you expect me to do in that moment?! I’m mad I didn’t do it earlier! Because what happened with what he did.

Well, okay, you saved Rick, but now you got Carl’s eye shot out. So there’s that.


I’m just sayin’! It’s not like everybody came out of your little shish kebab move unscathed, Danai.

No, definitely not. A huge part of why Michonne lives and breathes is to be a part of keeping that young man safe.

They have had a very close relationship from the very beginning.

Yes, he’s actually the one who truly invited her into the group and said she was one of them. Their closeness is beyond, so the idea of that happening is horrifying and horrific for her.

What was filming that scene like? Obviously it was very intense and you’re going to lose some actors along the way as well, but it’s also done at nighttime so you’re shooting this at an ungodly hour.

It was intense. It was intense, but there was something really beautiful about the intensity of it and the pain of it. Running through the walkers with Rick carrying Carl, it was just so painful and intense. And him lying there and Rick running out the door and Michonne being caught in a panic — I’ve rarely ever experienced her panicked. But she was facing losing both of them in one night. And that was just not going to happen. And there was only so much she could do for Carl at that point. It’s kind of a ride-or-die situation with going out there with Rick.

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It was actually the most tense moment of the entire premiere for me, watching Michonne sit there and wanting to go out and help Rick but waiting for Denise to give her the word to do it as precious seconds tick away.

It was a different angle of Michonne than I’ve ever experienced go through her, which was just sheer panic. She likes to be there and do what must be done. And in this moment, what can she do? And also realizing how much she loves both of these people. The love of them is so strong, there’s no way I’m losing both of them tonight. It was intense, but I really enjoyed doing the whole episode and all of us being out together and fighting together. There was something really glorious in that. We left it all out there.

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