Meet 'the people we're incoherently yelling about'
Credit: TBS

Two episodes in, and Full Frontal With Samantha Bee is already establishing itself as a daring, innovative addition to the late-night slate. Bee is following in her mentor Jon Stewart’s footsteps by combining withering put-downs of dumb politicians with some actual on-the-ground reportage. Monday night’s episode, for example, featured video of Bee visiting a Syrian refugee camp in order to meet “the people we’re incoherently yelling about.”

Bee’s interviews with Syrian refugees in a camp in Jordan is interspersed with cable news footage of Republican presidential candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz yelling about the refugees’ supposed threat. To dispel the myth that refugees might be ISIS fighters in disguise, Bee interviewed Kate Dorsh, a representative for the organization in charge of resettling refugees.

“When you hear someone saying that this could be a Trojan horse, or all Muslims should be banned, or it’s gross for Hillary Clinton to use the bathroom, what do you say to this hypothetical a–hole person?” Bee asked.

“The refugee program undergoes the most amount of security screening than any other immigrant visa,” Dorsh said.

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Dorsh also explained that only 2 percent of her organization’s refugee caseload involved young single men, and those are survivors of violence or LGBTQ refugees. Most of the refugees looking for resettlement in America are children, women, widows, and other vulnerable populations — not exactly ISIS fighter material. Bee even used an 8-bit video game simulation to show how difficult an infiltration would be.

“So while these fraudulent rage prophets are out there scaring Americans for votes, remember these refugees are just like us,” Bee said. “They want to go back to their homes, but they can’t.”

Watch the full clip above and stay tuned for the second part next week, where Bee will instruct Syrian refugees in one of the most important skills for living in America today: how to ask for a friend’s HBO Go password.