Plus: See an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode, 'Activists or Terrorists?'

By Sara Vilkomerson
Updated February 16, 2016 at 04:01 PM EST
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Truth and Power

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When Maggie Gyllenhall signed on to narrate Truth and Power, the 10-part investigative documentary series that airs on Pivot, she was as eager to learn as she was to teach. “I didn’t even know the subject matter of each of the episodes when I began,” she says. “I really think what got me into it was my curiosity, and I sort of thought, if I narrate these things, surely I will get to learn about them.”

The basic idea, from executive producer Brian Knappenberger, is to, “highlight the stories of ordinary people going to extraordinary lengths to expose large-scale injustice: from corporations receiving lucrative government contracts for dangerous private prisons, to governments using data-gathering technology to scoop up huge amounts of information about their citizens.”

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Gyllenhaal says she feels it’s her responsibility to stay informed. “But to be honest, I find it difficult sometimes,” she says. “I try to look for sources of news that are reliable. My husband [actor Peter Sarsgaard] is much better than me! I thought this would be an interesting way to learn about both general and specific issues that are interesting and important to me.”

The series has accomplished all that and more. “Each of these episodes are only 20 minutes long and are pretty simple in terms of explaining and covering each subject,” she says. “They are easily digestible and about things that don’t get coverage in a lot of places. Hopefully it will activate you and make you feel like you need to know more.”

A new episode of Truth and Power, titled “Activists or Terrorists?,” premieres on Friday at 10 p.m. ET. You can watch a clip from Pivot’s upcoming episode above.

Truth and Power

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